Thursday, November 5, 2009

23 Things-The First Thing

I am excited to learn about the world of Web 2.0. I thought that I was using technology a lot in recent years, but have found that I basically use technology for research, project creation, and presentation. I would like to use the collaborative tools of Wikis and social bookmarking. I think that both would be beneficial to my program.


  1. Welcome to 23 Things. We're happy to have you join us on a the learning journey.

  2. It's scary to think that you, who has taught me lots about technology, doesn't feel like you use much. I'm just thinking about how many of the different movie clips that I can now make (thanks to you) that I can enhance with lots of the other things I'm learning in this class.

  3. Tracey! You are ahead of me and Kris is way ahead of both of us.....

    I better get to thing 3 fast! or I may be a 23 things drop out!

    I like your colors that you selected. Very bright and cheery. :)