Friday, January 1, 2010

Thing 17: More Web 2.0 winners

These were fun to check out! The list was so huge that I stuck with the winners list. All of the education ones were pretty dry or focused mainly on foreign languages, so I ended up just randomly searching in all categories. My favorite was definately Upcoming. What an awesome site. You can search any date in GR and get info. in certain categories like museums or music or get anything from musical venues to storytime for toddlers at Barnes and Noble at Rivertown. You can create an event calendar and touch base with friends who have created a login on the site and calendar to let you know that you will be attending that event. You can also purchase tickets on the site. Cocktail maker was fun for party planning and Health Revolution is a fantastic site for people like me who swear they are going to drop pounds this year. Unlike other health sites, this one is really comprehensive. You can search health and medical issues, set up a fitness plan, get healty recipes, and track your dieting progress all on one site. Maybe this will be my motivation this year! I feel like I need about another 8 hours to check out all of the sites on the winner list.

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