Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thing 5: Photo Mashup Fun

I can't believe that I accidentally skipped this "thing" the first time around. What fun these sites were to play with! Hands down, I had the most fun with Big Huge Labs! I can really see a lot of ways to incorporate projects from this site. How fun it would be for students to do biographies of a famous person and create a magazine cover with words and descriptions from their notes. I can also see them creating neat collages of historical events to go along with a writing assignment summarizing that event. I liked the posted idea as well of the "following the directions" assignment in a comic strip format. The other site that I really liked was Image Chef. Again, when doing a biography of a famous person, how cool would it be to create an image collage of words that describe that person or key words to go along with them like the city they grew up in or their spouse's name. I do a research unit every winter with my fourth graders. They break their topic down into five subtopics and take notes on each. They then create five different projects reflecting those notes to glue onto a presentation board that's shared during a formal presentation. For each of the five projects, the students have two different options to choose from. I definately with be incorporating Big Huge Lab and Image Chef projects into the choices. What fun! Above is a picture of my beautiful kids!

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