Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thing 20: Bookmarking with

Here's the link to my bookmarks:

Sorry, you can tell that I'm not back in school mode yet because all of my links are weight loss or Girl Scout ones! I really wish that thing 20 had been bumped up to think 2 or 3. There are so many websites throughout the 23 things that I bookmarked. I'll have to fiddle with delicious and figure out how to import all of them into the program. I can definately see this site helping my productivity a ton. Not only will it be easier for me to access the sites I need, but it will be so much easier to use with my students. I often have my third graders do research and gather a list of specific web sites that I would like them to use. My fear is not that they will get into anything inappropriate, but that they will waste lots of time on useless sites that won't help them find what they are looking for. I use the site Filamentality a lot to create hotlists of hyperlinks for students. It works well, but it's a pain initially when they go to the site because of the absolutely huge URL. For anyone who's ever created a hotlist on Filamentality, you know that the web address is often something like this: www. kn.pacbell.filamentality/weblist and on even more! What always happens is that the students goof up one of the 40 characters and then get totally frustrated and I run around and type it in for them. The next time we visit the lab, it's much easier becaue they all have it bookmarked, but whew! That first time is awful and stressful! It will be much easier to have them just go to my delicious bookmarks. Wonderful!

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