Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thing 10: Create a Wiki

I used Wiki Spaces to create my wiki and it was very easy not only to post to a page, but it was also easy to customize the look and feel of my wiki and give it a more attractive color scheme and a neat graphic on the edge that makes it look likes it's in a spiral notebook. I can easily see setting up a wiki and inviting the parents in my gifted and talented program to take part in postings and discussions. I could post book reviews of good reads on gifted issues and links to ppoint presentations I've created on issues with gifted students and differentiation in the classroom for gifted students. I really like the discussion feature and think that it would be a great place for parents to get feedback from other parents of gifted students. We used to have an active parent group for our program and guest speakers, but with parents being busier these days and budgets cut back to nothing, all of that has gone by the wayside. A wiki would be a great way for parents to connect and use each other as valuable resources.

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