Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thing 8: Locating RSS Feeds

Okay, I should have read the description of Thing 8 before I blogged on Thing 7! Oh well. The RSS thing is very cool, but I was so frustrated because I was having a hard time searching in Google News for exactly what topics I wanted info. on and ended up searching back in the Thing 2 list of blogs and many of those do not have links to RSS feeds. My favorite tool for locating feeds was definately the link to the EduBlog awards. I love Kathy Schrock's website and when I went to it and tried to add an RSS feed for Thing 7, I couldn't find one on her site. Lo and behold, she does have one relating just to technology and it was a runner-up for an Edublog award. Awesome! I added that one to my feeds as well as the Free Technology one, which was the top award winner. I wasn't as happy with Technorati, simply because it covered much more than education topics and I noticed that a lot of the blogs when I searched were gossipy ones related to Hollywood and stars. I did, however, like their top 100 blogs list. I find that now when I'm searching for feeds, it's helpful that Google Reader lists how many people subscribe to that site and how many average posts are put on it per week. I ended up going back and removing a couple of my feeds that had very low subscribers or too many posts per week. I don't have the time to read ones that have 10 or more posts per week and low subscriber numbers tells me that the site isn't that good. I can't wait to check my account tomorrow and see what posts have been added. What a time saver for me! I don't have time to constantly go and check my favorite sites, but visiting Google Reader periodically is no problem.

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