Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thing 15: Using Podcasts in the Classroom

I think that podcasts are a great tool, but just like everything else, they have a place. First of all, I thought that the video was great because althought I had heard of podcasts and knew what they were, my question was always, "Where do you search for them?" I also didn't realize that you have to have a podcast catcher downloaded onto your computer. I loved podcast alley, but unfortunately, my school laptop that I am working right now is set up so that I am blocked from downloading anything unless the tech. dept. does it, so I wasn't able to listen to any of those podcasts. For some reason, I was able to listen to the ones on the education podcast list by David Warlick. I loved some like the bedtime stories one and there was also an awesome science one, but some I couldn't see using. Students would love to hear someone else reading a story to them now and then and also some subjects can be explained in words, but many of the podcasts that I skimmed through were audio only with no video. So many of my students are visual learners, that that's why I say that podcasts have a place and can really enhance teaching. However, in many areas, I don't think that they can take the place of a good teachers who shows, explains, models, and most importantly, conveys enthusiasm about a subject area. I do think podcasts are wonderful for the high school level, particularly with students who are absent or need to listen to a lecture just one more time to understand the material. In the Thing 14 video, there was an example of a science teacher in Minnesota who did test review podcasts for the students to use the night before a test. What a great idea!

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