Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thing 11: Online Productivity Apps

Yes, I do think that Microsoft should be worried! I can already see many uses for Google docs. My teaching partner and I collaboratively do a newsletter to all of the parents of students in our program each month. It's always a pain because one of us works on it first and either saves it to our school server or e-mails it to the other and we have to be careful that the version that we e-mail out to parents is indeed the final version with all of the edits. By uploading it to Google documents, we can both work on it from home or school. I can also see doing this with my monthly newsletter that I do for my girl scout troop. Before I send it to parents, I always print it out for my co-leader and she does edits in pencil and gives it back to me to revise. This will be much easier! I'm also excited because I just bought a netbook and was bummed that I don't have Office on it and could'nt create any documents. I just tried creating one in Google documents and it works great. I'd heard of it before, but had no idea what Google docs really was. I'm glad I do now.

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