Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thing 4-Photo Sharing

What a cool site Picasa is! I feel like a dinosaur when it comes to photo sharing. I'm so used to the "old way" of doing photos and I have to admit that right now, my digital camera has about 350 photos on it that I haven't downloaded or done anything with. Let's hope I don't lose the camera! Picasa would be a great site to access both for my personal photos as well as a resource to use in my teaching. With Christmas being right around the corner, I know of a lot of teachers, myself included, talking about Christmas in different countries. How cool to be able to use the photo tags to search for pictures from certain countries and then to see where they are geographically on a map is even cooler! It would be a neat site to use to have the students do projects involving the ancestry of their families and then pull in pictures from their family's country of origin and even add some of their own.

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