Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thing 7: RSS Feeds

This exercise I had fun with! I already had kind of an idea of what RSS feeds were, but I never took the time to actually figure out how to set them up and manage them and I'd never heard of Google Reader or Google News. The tutorial video walking me through step by step how to search and add links was great! I actually went back to the blog list from Thing 2 and subscribed to some of those blogs that I thought were really interesting. I was frustrated when some of them did not feature an RSS link. I quickly subscribed to two personal sites on weight and fitness (yes, I like everyone else on the planet have a New Year's resolution to drop some weight!), one on gifted education and a final one on Web 2.0 tool ideas to use in the classroom. I need to play around with Google News a little more. I tried to search a topic and then specifically for a blog. I sometimes got good hits, but more often than not, got weird ones or couldn't find any at all. Like I said, I'll have to play around with it a little more. I'm wondering if there is a site out there with a list of recommended RSS feeds for different subject areas. I'll have to search.

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